The Timberwolves Are Selling Tickets To Let You High Five LeBron James, Because They’re The Worst

  • Matt Rudnitsky

LeBron James High Five

The NBA is a business. I get it. Teams get rid of good players for financial reasons. They gouge you with ticket prices. Minnesota is cold and people don’t want to go to see the Minnesota Timberwolves play in person, because they can sit at home and masturbate to Ricky Rubio passes in the judge-free comfort of their recliner.

Really, I get it.

But there’s one rule that transcends the business of the game: Don’t help the other team. The Timberwolves broke that rule, by actively encouraging Miami Heat fans to come to a Timberwolves home game vs. Miami.

This is the worst. They play on December 7th. Tickets are $75 to feel LeBron James’ hand sweat.

I seriously can’t get over this. I’m going to Ohio State vs. Michigan tomorrow, and as awful as the fans are who sell their tickets to OSU fans, at least they’re not actually affiliated with the team. I mean, I’m not trying to cut those people slack, but, jeez, the Timberwolves are literally the worst. I hope you lose by 30. (You’ll probably lose by 30.)

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