“That Has To Be An NBA Record!” Watch As The Nets’ Mirza Teletovic Airballs Three Straight Shots

  • Glenn Davis

Nets forward Mirza Teletovic is a better basketball player than I am. I understand this. He doesn’t normally play much – he averages about eight minutes and 3.4 points a game – but that’s 3.4 points a game more than I average in the NBA. He has a couple double-digit scoring games to his credit, including a career-high 14 against the Kings last month. I’ve never scored 14 points in an NBA. I’ve never scored one point in an NBA game, either, and the odds are pretty good that I never will.

And now, with all that said… lolololololololololololol:

What’s more surprising: an NBA player airballing three straight shots, or a coach leaving him out there long enough to airball three straight shots (in a close game, no less)? P.J. Carlesimo had a very long leash here. Well, either that or he was playing some sort of sinister mind game in which he left Teletovic out there to see how deep a hole he could dig for himself.

Either way, he’d seen enough after that third airball. Teletovic’s final line for the night: four minutes, zero points on 0-for-3 shooting. Yes, everything he shot last night was an airball. Mirza Teletovic, once again, is light years better at basketball than I’ll ever be… but for that stretch last night, at the very least I wouldn’t have been any worse. I’m not sure how to feel about that.

UPDATE: Our own Matt Rudnitsky, the head (and entirety) of SportsGrid’s Michigan bureau, was at this game. His one-the-scene observations from Teletovic’s bad night, presented over Gchat:

Matthew: haha, i was at that game
there was a bosnian cheering section
me: oh yeah, i saw the photo you facebooked
Matthew: they still cheered for him
it was great
me: give ’em credit for loyalty, i guess
Matthew: there were like 25 of them on the road, give them tons of credit
me: i feel like it’s worth updating my post with this information
Matthew: i agree

Well, if Teletovic has that kind of support structure in place, he’ll bounce back.

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