5’9″ Nate Robinson Brilliantly “Wins” A Jump Ball Against 6’10” Rudy Gay

  • Jake O'Donnell

Sure, it wasn’t “legal,” but neither was Tiger Woods’ dropped shot yesterday at Augusta. Doesn’t mean we can’t applaud Nate Robinson for being “creative,” as one announcer put it. Realistically, there was no chance he’d get a hand on the ball up against the much taller, exceptionally lanky Rudy Gay. So why not just have fun with the moment, right? He had to know it was illegal to catch your own jump ball, though (otherwise Rudy Gay would have just grabbed it.) Oh, and the Bulls lost to the Raptors by 11.

This is a case of Nate Rob being Nate Rob. Most any coach in the NBA would enter Mike-Rice-mode for such a clear disrespect of the rules, especially in a losing effort. But Tom Thibodeau must know by now, there’s no changing this kid. If you want the 17 points off the bench, you’re gonna need to put up with some whacky stuff. Just ask the Knicks re: J.R. Smith. Sixth-men are crazy.

H/T BallDontLie