Nate Robinson Is Very Excited About His 6-Year-Old’s Football Exploits

  • Glenn Davis

You know Nate Robinson as the undersized Thunder guard who made his mark with the Knicks, and whose size belied his dunking ability. But he was also a pretty good football player at Washington before he gave up that sport to focus on basketball full-time. And it seems that Robinson’s 6-year-old son, Nahmier, inherited that talent (there’s a decent lineage going: Nate Robinson’s father Jacque starred as a Washington footballer as well).

Some footage that’s been making the rounds recently shows Nahmier at a football practice, getting a couple good licks in during drills…with Nate loving every minute of it. He’s loving it so much, in fact, that some have termed it uncomfortable.

We see both sides of this. Yeah, those kids are tiny. Yeah, Nate Robinson shows an awful lot of enthusiasm for a hit that left a kid on the ground and unable to get right back up. But also: it’s football. Tons of kids that age play it, and at any level, a major component of tackle football is hitting. Nahmier Robinson did it well. His dad, who played the game at a high level, is proud to see his kid excelling. He didn’t celebrate because he wanted to other kid to be injured – he celebrated because his son did what he was supposed to do. Yes, one could debate the merits of kids that small playing football, of the football mentality in general…but in this moment, Nate Robinson was just a proud dad.

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