Your NBA 2K13 Cover Boys Are Official

  • Evan Sporer

What’s the easiest way to resolve a debate as to which basketball player should be featured on the cover of a video game? Just use three superstars. Per 2K Sports, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, and Blake Griffin will be the cover athletes for the game’s latest installment.

For the game’s last cover, a trio of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson was used, so we’re guessing 2K thinks pretty highly of Durant, Rose and Blake. NBA 2K13, which is slated to come out Oct. 2, is projected to be a huge hit. And with (UPDATED) an MVP winner, three-time scoring champ, and the game’s most exciting dunker featured on the cover, the game is off to a good start.

And in case you missed it, check out this ad, which should get you even more excited for the game’s upcoming release.

[Yahoo! Sports via 2K Sports ]