Who’s Gonna Win The NBA Dunk And 3-Point Contests?

  • Matt Rudnitsky

It’s NBA All-Star Weekend! Which means you get to stay up past your bedtime/postpone your going-out shenanigans to watch the 3-Point and Slam Dunk Contests! (And the other mildly-interesting stuff in between.)

Because it’s what I do, I will provide you the odds for these contests. Of course, odds for this sort of thing aren’t gospel, because it’s basically impossible to predict an All-Star contest. Still… the odds are better than whatever BS they’re making up on SportsCenter as we speak.

So, here are the odds and implied chances for the contestants. (Via BetOnline.ag, the spot for the average, recreational lawbreaker to get ripped off with horrible prices on fun contests like this.) I did much mathematizing to compute the percentages; please tell me if I made a mistake, but I think I totally nailed it.

Slam Dunk Contest

Paul George (IND) (+120) 34.38%

Terrence Ross (TOR) (+350) 16.81%

John Wall (WSH) (+450) 13.75%

Harrison Barnes (GSW) (+500) 12.61%

Ben McLemore (SAC) (+550) 11.64%

Damian Lillard (POR) (+600) 10.81%

3-Point Contest

Stephen Curry (GSW) (+200) 25.02%

Kevin Love (MIN) (+500) 12.51%

Arron Afflalo (ORL) (+500) 12.51%

Kyrie Irving (CLE) (+500) 12.51%

Bradley Beal (WSH) (+550) 11.55%

Damian Lillard (POR) (+600) 10.72%

Marco Belinelli (SAS) (+800) 8.3%

Joe Johnson (BRK) (+1000) 6.8%

The Picks!

I literally have no idea who will win. But I will still probably bet on this because I have problems, and I’m going with McLemore (without Ryan Lewis) in the Dunk Contest, and Bradley Beal in the 3-point contest. Edgy. Mark it down. Sell the car; sell the house; sell the kids.