NBA Mock Draft Results: ‘Experts’ Are Bad (But Better Than Us And That Spanish Dude)

  • Matt Rudnitsky

NBA Mock Draft 2013 Accuracy ESPN DraftExpress

Yesterday, I spent about 20 minutes making a 2013 NBA Mock Draft, sans knowledge and expertise. I used only one morsel of logic that I found lodged in a piece of Orbit under my desk. I planned to compare mine against some experts’, and a Spanish dude who is more of an experto than myself. I expected to lose, and I hoped you would make fun of me, as well as the experts. Mock Drafts suck and are hard.

Here are the results, using’s scoring system. The first number is the total score. The second number is the number of exact predictions that hit. Because mock drafting is hard, you get points for being close. Mock drafting is like horseshoes and hand grenades, unlike all other things.

The max possible score is 150.

DEAD LAST) Chad Ford, ESPN: -150 (0)

Because ESPN sucks and put his draft under a paywall. I will show them how to properly use payment. By granting them last place, for eternity. They are now Bobcats of Mock Draft Competitions.

6) Matt Rudnitsky, Born Yesterday, SportsGrid: 53 (1)

53 might sound impressive to you. It’s not. I’d like to give a shout-out to Kiwi Adam Morrison for getting me one correct pick.

5) Matt Moore, CBS Sports: 55 (0)

An impressive result, given the fact that he got zero exact picks. So, not impressive.

4) Some Spaniard, Solobasket: 58 (3)

Spain did not make the podium.

3) Gary Parrish, CBS Sports: 59 (3)

He Parrished the competition. Except for the two guys that beat him.

2) Chris Mannix, Sports Illustrated: 65 (2)

I have nothing to say.

1) Jonathan Givony, Draft Express: 66 (3)

I installed Givony as the favorite, which makes me a genius. Except that I was awful, and I’m not a genius. I tried.

Also, Givony updated his draft at 7:27:42. Asterisk, given.

Conclusion: Mock Drafts are fun, hard and stupid. We’re all losers. Especially me.