NBA Fines Chris Bosh $5,000 For This Magnificent Flop

  • Rick Chandler

And Dwyane Wade looks like he would have flopped on the play if Bosh hadn’t done it first. Anyway, the NBA fined Bosh for this flop in Thursday’s Game 4 of the Finals, as we knew they would. And it was a slap on the wrist, as we knew it would be.

Terrible call on basketball’s biggest stage. Penalizing Duncan for great fundamentals (coaches should show this play to their teams as an example of great footwork and how to post up) and rewarding Bosh for getting pinned and responding with comic theatrics. The NBA: It’s Flop-tastic.

One caveat: Even though it’s an obvious flop, Duncan did himself no favors by extending his right arm toward Bosh. Fundamentals dictate that when pinning your man in this fashion, both arms should be extended toward the basket, so that clueless and/or out-of-position refs don’t think you pushed off.