And The Oscar For Best Flop In The NBA Goes To…

  • Joe Levine

The Oscars are tonight so, naturally, it’s a great time to honor some of the great actors of the NBA. I don’t mean players who have crossed over to be in film (Sorry, Kevin Durant). I mean players who act on the court and flop their way to the top.

Although the NBA has “banned” flopping and is supposedly fining players for doing so, it hasn’t stopped the flop, which seems to be more rampant than ever. Until the NBA actually does start ruthlessly enforcing their own rule, we may as well honor some of the finest in the art of flopping, right? Without further ado, the nominees for the NBA’s finest floppers are…

Very obviously, the winners here are anyone/everyone from the Miami Heat, who took flopping to a new level as they utilized the art of the flop en route to the franchise’s second NBA championship. Truly an achievement to be celebrated, right?

As an added bonus, here are the top flops for the 2010-2011 season, in memoriam.

Congratulations to all of the winners and good luck to next year’s floppers.