NBA MOCK DRAFT PICKS 1-14: Cleveland Selects Wiggins, Celtics Trade Up, Sixers Stock Up

  • Jake O'Donnell

It’s been said before, but never under these circumstances. The Cleveland Cavaliers will have a chance to add a franchise-altering piece next month — a piece that can give the city that sweet retribution they desire against the guy who burned them for a Cuban sandwich and some jewelry.

A piece that, ironically, resembles the dynamic kid they drafted out of St. Vincent-St. Mary in 2003. Not Joel Embiid. Not Jabari Parker. Not Dante Exum.

Andrew Wiggins.

Screw picking up LeBron in free agency — why would you lower yourself to pleading with the guy after what he did? There will be plenty of quality free agents available if you want to go that route because believe it or not, teams have won the NBA Finals without having the infamous #6 on their roster.

Two teams have also lost The Finals with him on the roster.

So if you want this saga to come full circle and avenge the sudden death of your franchise after the 2009-10 season, you’ll not only need to win, but you’ll need to damage LeBron’s ego by acquiring another 6’8″ small forward phenom to fill the void he selfishly left.

Or trade the pick to the Knicks for Carmelo or something.

Otherwise, the Celtics — who have the ability to convince a lot of free agents to sign in the offseason — will trade up to grab a top three pick. Meanwhile, the 76ers will field 30% of 2014-15’s Rookie-Sophmore Rising Stars rosters.

The 2014 NBA Draft will take place on Thursday, June 26th.


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