NBA Players Love Doing Drugs During The Season (According To TMZ)

  • Matt Rudnitsky

High NBA Players Drugs

Lamar Odom reportedly has a crack problem. He also reportedly is “separated” from Khloe Kardashian. He also reportedly ate Taco Bell.

TMZ looked into NBA players and their habits of getting high during the season, and their findings are interesting. Again, this is TMZ, and these are just a few unnamed sources. Still, none of the news is farfetched, and it’s all interesting.

Multiple NBA-connected sources tell TMZ … the big problem is that the league is only allowed to test players 4 times during a season. Because testing is randomized, the last test can be administered as early as January, and the season lasts for months thereafter. As one recently-retired NBA player put it, after the 4th test, “It’s like Christmas Day. We can take whatever we want.”

One NBA-connected source says pot is “ubiquitous” in the sport. The source adds, however, that most athletes who indulge do so in moderation so it doesn’t have a perceptible impact on their performance. An NBA rep tells us … weed is not only prevalent, it’s hardly hidden — he says the hotel rooms where the players stay, and even the halls, have the telltale smell.

The weed thing is easy to believe.

The players we’ve spoken with all agree … pot is prevalent. But some of the players say Lean — Sprite and Codeine cough syrup — has become a recreational drug of choice during the season. One player said it was even used during the recent playoffs.

Still not too difficult to believe.

One current and famous player tells TMZ, he estimates 30% of his fellow NBAers use hard drugs — including Molly, Ecstasy, and Lean — at some point during the season. He says he’s never been aware of anyone doing cocaine during the season.

Alright, now it’s getting a little weird. Molly and ecstasy during the NBA season?

Another current and famous player tells us he estimates only 10% of NBA players use hard drugs, and no one uses cocaine during the season — it’s too risky. He also says Lean is a drug of choice.

So, lots of NBA players smoke weed during the season, as we all basically knew. Lots of NBA players like Lean, too, which is not especially hard to believe. And some of them also use Molly and Ecstasy?

Now I know why they play so much damn Pitbull in arenas.