NBA Playoff Odds: What Is Each Underdog's Chance Of Pulling A Second-Round Upset?

  • Matt Rudnitsky

The second round of these (surprisingly, ridiculously awesome) 2014 NBA Playoffs is here. You should be able to check each team’s upset chances on ESPN, but they lack a brain and instead discuss things like legacies and fake genetics. So, we will provide you with each team’s odds, converted from the Pinnacle betting lines.

Washington Wizards (+166) vs. Indiana Pacers (-188)

Wizards: 36.5%
Pacers: 63.5%

The Wizards are a popular upset pick, because the Pacers look awful right now. But the Pacers were 35-6 at home this year, and the Wizards were just 22-19 at home.

Pick: Wizards in 7

Los Angeles Clippers (+189) vs. Oklahoma City Thunder (-215)

Clippers: 33.5%
Thunder: 66.5%

Did both teams need seven games because they played tougher-than-expected opponents, or because they’re not as good as we thought? Probably the former.

Pick: Clippers in 7

Brooklyn Nets (+412) vs. Miami Heat (-503)

Nets: 19%
Heat: 81%

The Nets went 4-0 against the Heat in the regular season. But that was the regular season and they won three of those games by one point, and the other came in overtime.

Pick: Nets in 7

Portland Trail Blazers (+322) vs. San Antonio Spurs (-382)

Blazers: 23%
Spurs: 77%

These teams split their season series, with Portland winning the first two and the Spurs winning the next two. Blazers coach Terry Stotts is getting a lot of good press recently, but everything is a coaching mismatch when you play against a guy who doesn’t even care about basketball.

Pick: Spurs in 6