NBA Playoffs Injury Update: Steph Curry, J.R. Smith, Derrick Rose, Amar’e Whats-His-Name

  • Jake O'Donnell

Steph Curry tweaked his ankle in the first round, only to retweak it in Game 3 against the Spurs — justifiably scaring the shit out of Warriors fans. Well, you’re prayers have been answered.

X-rays negative.

Now all he has to do is start hitting shots like he did the first two games (where he scored 66 total points) and forget everything that happened in Game 3 (5 for 17).

On the other side of the country/injury spectrum, J.R. Smith reportedly is suffering from that 2013 NBA Playoff viral spiral. How’s 102 degrees sound? If he were a hottub, the pipemaster would be perfect. But as far as playing a rough and tumble Game 3 against the Pacers; not ideal. Though his teammates are optimistic he’ll make it out of his hotel room.

NYPost: “J.R.’s going to play tonight,’’ Anthony said. “That is what medicine is for. We’re gonna get him right. That’s what we’ve got team doctors for. He’ll be all right. Hopefully.”

Reminds me of when you feel like total shit and your friends keep trying to coax you to go out. He’s tentatively considered a gametime decision, though Mike Woodson admits he won’t play much if he does suit up.

On a related note, Amar’e Stoudemire is expected to make his 2013 postseason debut tonight, playing his first game since March 8th. His playing time will be capped at 12 minutes because his knees are 75% faberge egg. That’s 12 minutes which, if you’re a Knick fan, will be terrifying. That being said, they’ll be short handed and can use another big body against the Hibbert-lead Pacers (even if the big body doesn’t jump or move his feet.)

Lastly, the ACL of the hour, ladies and gentlemen: Derrick Rose…will not be playing. Most likely because he never was going to make a come back this season and the Bulls put the prospect of his return out there to screw with opposing teams game plans. He will, however, be “doing his thing” as Craig Robinson puts it.

Photos via Getty, H/T New York Post