The Spurs Are A Bunch Of Commies, Asians Are Rich And Everybody Else In The NBA Is From California: A Data Analysis Of The NBA

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Our friend Andrew Powell-Morse at the Best Tickets Blog conducted a pretty damn good NBA census that I feel obliged to share. He dug up lots of cool data and made many graphs. You should really check the whole thing out, but for now, here are our takeaways.

First, the obvious news, that looks funny in graph form: The Spurs are a bunch of international-loving commies.

Wino Popovich just can’t help himself.

Conclusion No. 2: if you are Asian and good at basketball, you’ll be rich:

(Jeremy Lin Is the only Asian in the NBA, as you suspected.)

The 6.7-percent is even richer than the 1 percent.

I don’t want to steal too much of their work, so please go over and check out the awesome, in-depth study. Amongst the many things you’ll learn: lots of Californians play pro basketball, Saginaw, Michigan is weirdly talent-rich and white basketballers are the poorest.

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[Best Tickets Blog]