This Fan-Made New Orleans Pelicans Logo Was So Good, We Had To Make More Like It

  • Glenn Davis

When news broke that the New Orleans Hornets planned to eventually change their name to the Pelicans, reaction was divided mostly into two camps: those who thought the team might as well change their name to the New Orleans GOB Bluths because they’d made a huge mistake, and those who thought that the combination of local ties and pelicans’ underrated-but-very-real badassery made for a perfect fit.

I’ll admit: when I first heard the name, I fell in the former camp. Despite acknowledging that pelicans are deadly predators, I couldn’t get past the fact that the word “pelican” just sounds goofy, and that while the pelican is fearsome, well, its looks are deceiving. The name still didn’t work for me. And then I saw this, tweeted by The Basketball Jones’ J.E. Skeets earlier today:

That’s a proposed court and logo for the Pelicans, mocked up by flickr user fourteen85photography. Here’s a closer look at what they had in mind for a logo:

OK, I didn’t like “Pelicans,” but you throw a top hat into the mix? All bets are off. It doesn’t make the pelican look less goofy – it make it look goofier, if anything – but top hats have almost never failed to make whoever’s wearing them look funnier. It works on everyone from dogs to Homer Simpson. Not only would I be fully won over the the pro-Pelicans camp if this turned out to be the actual logo, but I couldn’t help but wonder what some other sports logos might look like with top hats added. Feast your eyes: