New Trading Cards Have Built-In Screen And HD Video. Will People Notice?

  • Mohammed Rahman

These aren’t your childhood trading cards. When I grew up, trading cards were essentially colored cardboard. Sure, the industry every once in a while would try to wow you with innovations like holograms or gold lettering, but this latest evolution is groundbreaking. The Panini HRX is a cardboard video trading card that holds up to 30 minutes of HD footage.

The cards will be inserted into packs of five beginning in June and retailing at $20. And not all packs will contain a video trading card. You’ll just have to keep spending recklessly and aimlessly (are you getting childhood flashbacks?) until you get the cards you want. Panini worked on the card for 18 months that will have a start and stop button, a micro-USB port, and the 2-gigabyte card can be used as an external drive when plugged in.

It’s still just trading cards so even if this latest venture is a success, it’s still a very niche market; it’s a lot of crap and Honus Wagner. My guess is that it’ll just be a pricey collector’s item that will never replace the thrill of cheap cards for kids.

Video below of Blake Griffin – who’s just about everywhere these days – breaking down the card.