Something Mysterious Happened Between Former Arizona Basketball Player Nic Wise And Joakim Noah’s Girlfriend…We Think

  • Sarah Devlin

Let’s see if we can break this down in an orderly fashion: Nic Wise, who used to be a point guard for the University of Arizona, and is currently playing basketball in France, posted an Instagram photo on Twitter of a text conversation he was having with a certain young lady…or who he thought was a certain young lady:

So Nic Wise sent a mysterious text to this mysterious girl who he met under mysterious circumstances, and it turns out she is Joakim Noah’s girlfriend. Allegedly. I think I understand. What’s not clear, though, is what the “NONO” is that Wise is referring to — either it’s the embarrassment at being called out for texting someone else’s girlfriend, or Wise is really passionate about privacy and doesn’t think that Noah should be snooping through his girlfriend’s phone.

[H/t BlackSportsOnline]