NBA Player Crashes Pakistani Wedding

  • Glenn Davis

The Wizards’ Nick Young has had a couple rough games in a row now. On Wednesday, he shot just 5-for-18 against the Clippers (14 points total), and Friday against the Jazz, Young didn’t fare much better with a 4-12 shooting performance (10 points). Not entirely coincidentally, the Wizards lost both games. What’s Young doing to try to recapture the form he displayed in the two games prior, when he scored 57 total points in two straight Wizards wins? Why, crashing a stranger’s wedding, of course:

Young said that he offered congratulations to the bride and groom (and confirmed he didn’t know anyone there), and that he “gave a speech.” Also interesting is the Twitter feed of the guy who took the above photo. Clearly, he knew he was in the presence of NBAers at the hotel where this all took place:

I’m standing next to Andrew Bynum!!

…and was determined to get them to crash the wedding:

Somebody tell me a lakers players twitter so I can tell them to party with us

Me and my cousin went to the front desk and said it would mean a lot for our sister if we could invite te lakers to the reception lol

And while the front desk wasn’t helping out

She was like I can’t confirm nor deny any clients that stay here. So we were like we saw them so we can confirm it lol. She wasn’t havin it

According to him, he had some success… and not just with Young:

Ok it might sound like I’m lying but I swear to god this lineup rolled through the weddin tonight.

Nick young John wall pau or Walton. And KOBE MUTHERFUCKIN BRYANT

Man, why isn’t anyone ever this excited when I crash complete strangers’ weddings?! And this guy’s work wasn’t even done:

yo now all i have to do is have a @okcthunder player tweet me and im good! @KDTrey5 @JHarden13 @russwest44 @sergeibaka9 @nickcollison4

Don’t push your luck, dude. Oh, and if you happen to have other pictures (or video footage) of multiple NBAers supposedly crashing this wedding, you are not a good person unless you send it to

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