Nick Young Embraced His Reputation For Poor Shot Selection With This Poorly Selected Shot

  • Dylan Murphy

Here we have noted gunner Nick Young, jumping out of bounds to save the ball. Great hustle, in most cases. Except Nick Young Nick Young’d the play and turned this valiant effort into one of the most poorly selected shots we’ve seen in a while.

Instead of simply throwing the ball to his teammate standing nearby, he fired a jumping, fadeaway three that hit the top of the backboard and went out of bounds.

The Basketball Jones tried to explain away Young’s gaffe as a lapse in situational judgment – he didn’t know how much time was left in the quarter, so he fired up a shot before the clock ran out. Though this may be true, situational awareness is part of a basketball player’s job. There were a full 10 seconds left on the clock when the ball left his hand.

Now we’re not saying that he should have had the presence of mind to throw an accurate pass while in midair and falling out of bounds. But he could have at least thrown it back into the court, somewhere, instead of going all Nick Young gunner on us.

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