No Way Is Chandler Parsons Dating Jen Selter (Apparently He Is)

  • Rick Chandler


So I have to admit that I’m not quite up to date on why Jen Selter is a celebrity, and that’s no reflection on her. It’s just that whenever I see her mentioned on the internet it’s in reference to her fitness “booty workouts.”

Surely there’s more — a movie, a recurring sitcom character, sideline correspondent? Something? So I went to Wikipedia:

Selter attracted significant media attention for her large buttocks, initially on the photo-sharing website Instagram.[3][4][5][6]

OK, then.

Chandler Parsons would like to announce that he has acquired Jen Selter off of waivers. She has already reported to his home, where she is currently living. According to below:

Yes, this is just the distraction that the Memphis Grizzlies were hoping for as they begin their opening playoff series with the San Antonio Spurs. Parsons is out with a knee injury, but he’s on the team and she’ll presumably be at games, because that’s what internet celebrities do.

The teams split their regular-season four-game series, with Memphis not losing any game by more than seven points. So as you can see, having Selter around won’t impact the Grizzlies’ concentration at all.