Nuggets Broadcaster Calls Mark Jackson ‘Classless’, And It’s Time For A Serene, Low-Key Game 6

  • Rick Chandler

Admittedly there haven’t been many chances to test this theory, but I think Oakland’s Oracle Arena is the most intimidating playoff venue in the NBA. (It’ll be interesting to see if the Warriors take the mojo with them when they move across the Bay Bridge to San Francisco in 2017).

Golden State leads Denver 3-2 in their series, and attempt to close things out tonight at home, where they haven’t lost. If Sunday’s Game 4 was any indication, it should be kind of loud. Like, ever sit inside of a Boeing jet engine during takeoff?

It also could be one of the most physical games in recent memory. There were all kinds of shenanigans during the Nuggets’ 107-100 in on Tuesday, with both sides accusing the other of dirty play. Now, Nuggets’ broadcaster and former Pistons forward Scott Hastings has upped the ante, railing against Warriors’ coach Mark Jackson during an interview on the Dan Patrick Show Wednesday.

Nuggets broadcaster and former NBA player Scott Hastings didn’t appreciate Mark Jackson’s postgame comments following Golden State’s Game 5 loss, in which he accused Denver of playing “dirty.”

“I thought he was classless. It didn’t even need to be brought in there,” Hastings said. “I don’t understand what he was talking about. There were two flagrant fouls called in that game and neither one was against the Denver Nuggets.”

Following Tuesday’s game, Jackson had told reporters that he thought the Nuggets were sending “hit men” to target Stephen Curry’s injured ankle, and that he had “inside information” that was the case.

It’s almost game time, so I’ll sign off until it’s over. Unless something chippy happens, which there’s a good chance it will.

UPDATE: Wait, David Lee is available to play? The Lord of Light must have brought him back from the dead.

UPDATE: Despite their best efforts to give it away at the end, Warriors win 92-88. Great comeback by Denver from 18-point deficit.