Nurses Argue Over Whether Derrick Rose’s Future Hospital Bed Should Be Closer To Window Or Bathroom

  • Rick Chandler


If in 2012 you’d have told me that Derrick Rose would five years later sign a $2.1 million one-year contract, you could have knocked me over with a feather — which coincidentally has happened to Rose more than once.

The point guard has agreed to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers for the veteran minimum. Um, time to rejoice?

Does this make the Cavaliers a bigger threat to the Warriors, or just complicate their lineup with excess baggage? Rose, who has suffered two season-ending injuries already in an eight-year career, has suffered torn a left knee ACL and a torn meniscus, and has resorted to wearing a face mask, and that’s just so far. How will a player who has spent more time in hospital gowns than NBA uniforms fit in with a team that already has Kyrie Irving at the point?

For one thing, Irving has reportedly said that he wants to be traded. That may be the only reason this happened.