BREAKING: Obama Refers To Miami’s Basketball Team As The “Heats”

  • Dan Fogarty

During a recent fundraising trip to Florida, President Obama congratulated the “Miami Heats” for their NBA Finals win. Between this and thanking Boston for Kevin Youkilis, the President’s re-election campaign has been filled with sports-infused controversy as of late.

On a (slightly) more serious note: since ESPN likes to have Obama on to pick his brackets — Rush Limbaugh loves when he does that — can they at least make a pass for some sort of sports-related debate between him and Romney? No, it would not be constructive at all, because sports fandom and, you know, running the country are completely unrelated things. And yes, it would actually hamper our election process, since Americans (myself included) could easily be swayed by a candidate sucking up to our favorite team (“Wait, he likes the Giants? I guess he’s not such a bad guy!” :::hands keys to country over to guy who’s unqualified::::). But, still, if you’re ESPN, don’t you at least try to make this happen?