Of Course Dennis Rodman Dressed As A Drag Queen For An Exhibition Basketball Game

  • Rick Chandler

Thank goodness all of this North Korea nonsense is over, and Dennis Rodman can go back to just being Dennis.

It happened in Buenos Aires over the weekend, as Rodman participated in the Legends of Basketball Tour 2014, and actually played the game in drag. The best part is that he played alongside Gary Payton, Latrell Sprewell and Vin Baker, who must have been angry they didn’t get the memo on what to wear. Chicago Tribune:

Argentinian media reports indicate The Worm — or “El Gusano” as the South American press refers to him — received a standing ovation from the crowd, despite playing only a few minutes. Wearing a No. 91 jersey, the 52-year-old Rodman apparently spent more time signing autographs and talking with reporters than actually playing.

“In the game, there also were other great basketball players…but all eyes were on Rodman,” according to a report on the Buenos Aires news site Perfil.com.

It’s clear that Rodman will go anywhere where he’ll get paid an appearance fee, with airfare. My only question: with Rodman there, is the mascot really necessary?