Of Course Kevin Durant Was In On Peyton Manning’s ESPYs Joke

  • Rick Chandler

For those who thought that Peyton Manning was giving Kevin Durant a real shot at the ESPYs with that gymnastics joke, you should have realized that:

1. Peyton is not that funny. He is to standup comedy what Samwell Tarley is to swordfighting.

2. The ESPYs isn’t a roast. It’s a well-choreographed corporate event.

3. Westbrook’s non-reaction meant that he wasn’t down with being a prop for the moment.

According to ESPN’s Chris Haynes, the whole thing was planned, and Durant was in on it.

Manning said that the 2016 U.S. Women’s Olympic gymnastics team was so dominate that Durant was thinking of signing with them. That’s a moderately funny line Manning would never deliver unless it was planned — this isn’t the Golden Globes.

Of all the BS awards shows, aren’t the ESPYs the most BS of them all? You have to say that Stuart Scott and Craig Sager had inspiring moments as Jimmy V Award recipients, but otherwise they’re like all the other shows — awards for winning awards.