Of Course The NBA Is Sending LeBron And The Cavs To Miami On Christmas

  • Eric Goldschein

lebron james

Here’s a tip for NBA players: If you don’t like playing basketball games or otherwise being away from your family on major holidays, don’t play for a good team. The NBA insists that the best teams play on Christmas, for example, because everyone is probably sitting around super bored that day anyway, right? Better stuff the day with basketball so we have something to do when visiting Grandma.

Anyway, the NBA scheduled Cavaliers at Heat for Christmas. Of course.

LeBron tells the world, I want to go home and be with my family. NBA tells LeBron, on the most special day of the year for most families, we’re sending you back to Miami, to play against the team you spurned. Hopefully you won’t get booed. Sorry bro.

Meanwhile, the 76ers and Bucks and Kings get to sit at home. FAIR.

Photo via Getty