Offensively Challenged Omer Asik Is Now Scoring On His Own Basket

  • Dylan Murphy

Omer Asik is not the most offensively adept basketball player – a fact reinforced in Chicago when he was barely afforded any opportunities besides dunks and layups. With his role in Houston expanded, Asik has found himself more engaged on the offensive end of the floor – constantly being used in high pick and rolls with his team hardly shy in dishing him the ball.

Still, Asik isn’t quite comfortable with the ball in his hands – he has attempted exactly one shot over 10 feet all season, and 81% of his shots this season have come within three feet (via Hoopdata), while only managing a true shooting percentage of 49.4. He is, however, comfortable rebounding, ranking 9th in the league in total rebounding rate and 3rd overall with 12.4 per game.

Basically this is all just a roundabout way of saying that Omer Asik is good at rebounding and poor at putting the ball in the basket – which is mostly irrelevant to the gaffe below, when Asik somehow managed to knock the ball through his own hoop while grabbing a rebound. With no one around.

He did follow up that play with a thunderous dunk, so there’s that.

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