Ok Europe, We Get It — Your Sports Logos Are Way Cooler Than Ours

  • Jake O'Donnell

A few months ago, the good people over at Footballasfootball.com started releasing a series of diverse, soccer-ified NFL logos, in the style of the four main European sporting powerhouses: Germany, Spain, Italy, and England. They were very, very cool. They also were a reminder of how pathetic our favorite sports franchises namesake designs are. Let’s be honest — American sports marketing is primarily concerned with enticing families, with lots of kids, to by tickets.

That’s why there’s a team called the Raptors.

European soccer clubs are more like political institutions. Factions within countries that have represented a certain area, sometimes for more than a century. If someone knew what a Raptor was when Manchester United was formed, it was because they saw one running across their front lawn — not because they saw it maul a bull in a Jurassic Park movie.

Enter Serbian graphic designer Milan Vučković, who, much like footballasfootball.com, went out of his way to right the wrongs of the NBA’s creative marketing folks. You can see his work in the slideshow below (and we’ve also tacked on the aforementioned NFL logo remixes). Seriously, someone running an American pro sports team needs to take a long hard look at these, and explain why they don’t ditch the cartoon and dial up a nice, symetrical, concise sphere with a few stripes and a letter.

We’re serious — these things rock.


Via Deadspin