Why? Woman Gets Oklahoma City Thunder Logo, Slogans Very Prominently Tattooed On Thighs

  • Glenn Davis

Oklahoma City Thunder fans are intense. For a long time, they had no major pro sports team to follow, and now that they do, they come out in full force (and did even before it became obvious the Thunder were the league’s most promising young team). Yet even knowing what we know about Thunder fans’ devotion, sometimes a Thunder rooter will do something that leaves us blown away…not to mention a little uncomfortable.

Enter Priscilla. She’s a Thunder die-hard, and earlier this year, decided to get the body art to match. Not just a Thunder logo – a big Thunder logo. Not even just one big Thunder logo – two big Thunder logos. And she gave them prominent placement, too: each outer thigh. (Yes, she was very much aware of the “thunder thigh” pun potential.) Here’s a look into that process:

Incredibly, she wasn’t done there. She also got two prominent Thunder slogans – “Rise Together” and “Thunder Up!” – on the inside of either thigh. And she’s apparently going to have babies with Kendrick Perkins…but also never get pregnant again, because of the tattoos. And she’s also going to find out where referee Joey Crawford lives. (Based on the intensity of her fandom, if we were Crawford, we might start worrying.) Anyway, Thunder tattoos, part II:

Notice the tattoo artist’s t-shirt says “Thank You Seattle” on the back. We wonder why. We also imagine that if any Sonics fans see that t-shirt and are moved to design one of their own with a message to Oklahoma City…well, it might still say “[Something] You,” but it probably won’t be expressing too much thanks.

Of course, had Priscilla been a Sonics fan and gotten Sonics versions of all these tattoos on her thighs before the team moved…well, that kind of fan intensity might have made the prospect of moving the team too daunting to even consider. Not that we’d recommend getting tattoos like this, though, because…good Lord.

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