Start Your Week Right With A One-Armed Soldier Doing Push-Ups At Celtics-Heat

  • Glenn Davis

The crowd at yesterday’s Heat-Celtics game in Boston was always going to be fired up no matter what – when the defending champions, who got to the Finals by knocking your team out in seven games, come to town, emotions will run high. When that game winds up being a double-OT thriller that the Celtics win, even more so. When an injured Rajon Rondo comes out to watch the game during overtime, giving the crowd another excuse to go crazy, even more so. And when this happens? Perfect storm:

That’s Greg Reynolds. He’s an Iraq veteran who later lost an arm in a motorcycle/car accident. This is his remarkable story, by turns depressing and inspiring. The above moment, obviously, falls on the latter end of that spectrum. The crowd didn’t need tis tog et fired up yesterday, but you can’t blame the Celtics for pulling out all the stops. And most importantly: way to be, Greg.

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