Other Big Stories In History That Were First Reported By Caroline's Cupcakes

  • Rick Chandler

As you surely know by now, Caroline’s Cupcakes in Akron, Ohio, is super-famous for it’s big “scoop” over the weekend. The bakery reported, according to its “sources”, that LeBron James’ move to the Cleveland Cavaliers next season “was a done deal.” (See the Facebook entry below). The next day, ESPN’s Chris Broussard essentially reported the same thing, making it appear that his source was Caroline’s Cupcakes. And that was pretty amusing.

Anyway, if the LeBron-to-Cleveland rumors turn out to be true, then Caroline’s can claim to have broken the story: further reinforcing the notion that in the age of technology, news can come from anywhere, and that the lines between legitimate news source and sweet shop are truly more blurred than ever.

Here’s Caroline’s original post:

Here’s the previous big story that was broken by Caroline’s Cupcakes:

Or, was it? We did some digging, and discovered some other big stories that were first reported by Caroline’s Cupcakes. Turns out that they are, indeed, America’s most trusted news source.