Our Favorite Social Media Romance Has Ended In Leaked Lingerie Photos

  • Eric Goldschein

mccurdyI was rooting for you, Pistons center Andre Drummond and actress/Vine queen Jennette McCurdy. But alas, as with most things that originate on the Internet, things have turned ugly. A romance between the two that started on Twitter has reportedly devolved into photos of McCurdy in her underwear getting leaked.

We detailed the relationship of Drummond and McCurdy back in September, but apparently they only dated for “a week,” because, as McCurdy said on the “You Made It Weird” podcast, they had little actual chemistry which culminated in a bad kiss. Bummer. At least they gave it a shot, right?

Well, a day after McCurdy dished about the failed hookup (and had one of those embarrassing conversations that people who don’t know anything about sports have when they try to talk about sports, including referring to Michael Jordan as a forward [!!!]), photos of her in lingerie appeared online. You can see them on Larry Brown Sports, if you’re into that. McCurdy said that she sent them to “1 person,” and Drummond responded by saying he did not leak the photos.

Were they actually sent to him in the first place? We have no idea. If so, did he leak them? Perhaps. Or maybe these two very young people are learning a lesson about sending racy pictures to each other via phones/computers/technological advances of any kind, i.e. — don’t do that.

So, all that stuff we said about the next generation using social media to make honest connections and form real relationships? Scratch all that. Though technology may improve, humanity — and all of its shortcomings — stays the same.

Photo via Twitter