Our NBA Power Rankings: Let’s Have A Vaguely Golden Globes-Themed Crack At This

  • Eric Goldschein

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Did you hear the Golden Globes were on last night? Did you watch them? Who wouldn’t want to watch the trial run for the Oscars, am I right?

Actually, I didn’t watch them. Heard the show was funny, if a bit lacking in technical prowess. Maybe we can sprinkle a few Golden Globes-related GIFs into this week’s rankings, in order to broaden our horizons and reach out to new demographics? Sounds good. Also, James Dolan was there, for some reason.

Oh, so, basketball: New York hoops was actually palatable this week, which means New Yorkers have one less thing to endlessly complain about; the Suns saw their good vibrations come to an end with Eric Bledsoe’s knee injury — maybe the team will tank in earnest now?; the Pacers are still the class of the NBA, as far as we’re concerned, because why not, it’s January.

As for the rest of the league?