Our NBA Power Rankings: Scoring 50 Points Is The New Scoring 30 Points

  • Eric Goldschein

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This past week was a good one if you like your basketball chock full of baskets. Everybody from scoring champions to Toronto Raptors got in on the action, as we saw a 62-point game from Carmelo Anthony, a continuance of Kevin Durant’s torrid 30-plus points scoring streak and a 51-point performance from Terrence “I’m Still Here” Ross.

The NBA: Where Defense Is Supposed To Happen, But If Not, Eh, Whatever, Points Are Cool.

If scoring an insane amount of points was a consistent recipe for success, however, the Knicks wouldn’t be in the East’s basement and the Raptors wouldn’t be a top-four seed despite being barely over .500. The Thunder would still be good.

As for the rest of the league?