Our NBA Power Rankings: If Anthony Davis Was His Own Team, He’d Make The Top 5

  • Eric Goldschein

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I, me, the author of this post, went to the Pelicans-Nets game at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn last night (here’s a tweet to prove it). The only reason I — a long-time, long-suffering Knicks fan — go to Nets games is to marvel at the fact that Jason Kidd is really, truly, an NBA coach, as well as to catch guys from other teams who I can’t afford to see in person at Madison Square Garden. When an opportunity to see the Pelicans came up, I knew I’d have to take it.

Even though the game itself was a snoozer — the Nets never trailed and were up big throughout — I was enthralled with watching Anthony Davis. The hype is real. He made plays on both ends of the court, including one sequence where he was matched up against Deron Williams, recovered from a crossover to make a big block, and sprinted down the court to throw down the outlet pass (video here). He was talkative on defense and helped his teammates make adjustments. He kept plays alive with his hustle. He was bodied by stronger, more experienced guys like Kevin Garnett, but you could tell he just needs to put on a little more muscle and then his skill set and athleticism will do the rest. He was worth the price of admission alone (though a barrage of Mason Plumlee dunks didn’t hurt).

The rest of the Pelicans were a disappointment. It’s tough to see a guy so talented get bogged down with a weak supporting cast. If The Brow was his own team, he’d be near the top of our rankings. Soon, he’ll be in the conversation for the league’s best player. Now, can New Orleans get him some help?

As for the rest of the league?