Our NBA Power Rankings: New York Basketball Is The Most Shameful Basketball In The Land Right Now

  • Eric Goldschein

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Remember when we picked the Knicks and Nets to finish with a winning record and win the NBA Championship, respectively? Ah, and young and naive we were, back then, before the crushing reality of what these teams truly are could hit us.

To pick one team over another as “more” disappointing is difficult — the Knicks had lower expectations going into this season, but they’ve also so far failed to meet even the most basic expectation: that they would compete. They’re 3-13, losers of nine straight, and have as much excitement in their game as there is reality in “reality TV.”

Meanwhile, though the Nets have won a couple more games than their cross-city rivals, they’ve had to endure the public humiliation of having Jason Kidd for a coach. This guy’s greatest accomplishment so far has been drawing attention to himself as the town idiot, rather than heaping all of the blame on his old, injury-prone roster.

Sadly, these two teams play in the Atlantic division, which is currently led by the 6-10 Raptors. We still might end up seeing both the Knicks and Nets in the playoffs. That’s not a good thing.

As for the rest of the league?

Teams on the rise: the Nuggets, who are starting to look like a legit basketball team; the Wizards, who are climbing out of the East cellar into contention; the Blazers, who keep winning and winning and only losing thrice all season.

Teams on the decline: the Mavericks, who are evening out a bit; the Wolves, who are inexplicably not as good as they were to start the year; the Pelicans, who just lost Anthony Davis for an “indefinite” amount of time.

It’s December, folks.


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