The Pacers and Warriors Got Into A Tussle Last Night. Let The Suspensions Begin!

  • Glenn Davis

The Pacers beat the Warriors 108-97 last night. Good win for a streaking team (the Pacers have won five in a row and are now 36-21 on the season), right? Well, yeah, but no one – besides Pacers fans, presumably – really cares that much about that aspect of the game this morning. Why? Because this happened midway through the fourth quarter:

OK, so many people were unimpressed with the degree of intensity the teams exhibited, but still, there was some solid shoving there and it carried on for a while – long enough that it carried into the first row of seats, which, if it hadn’t already, ensured suspensions will result. Roy Hibbert knows one is coming his way, and as one of the original participants, we’d expect to see David Lee sit out at least a game too.

Side note: either Stephen Curry is fearless, or Hibbert is one of the least intimidating 7-foot-2, 280-pound guys known to man. Once the fight got underway, he started pushing at Hibbert… ad pushing… and pushing, until he fell down. Then, he got back up and started pushing again. OK, so maybe he didn’t exactly strike fear into Hibbert (“I didn’t even feel him,” he was later quoted as saying), but he has to get some credit for going at a guy nearly a foot taller and 100 pounds heavier, right? Oh, and scoring 38 points, which Curry also managed in the losing effort. Give him some credit for that, too.