Paul George Gear Appears To Be Slightly Discounted In Wake Of Lakers Report

  • Rick Chandler


Like he Raiders in Oakland, this coming season is going to be an awkward one for Paul George and the Indiana Pacers. The Pacers are reportedly discussing trade scenarios with several teams after George said that he plans to leave the Pacers when he becomes a free agent in July 2018.

Of course hope springs eternal in Indiana that it’s just a negotiating ploy with George … and in Cleveland, where they hope the Cavs can get George in a trade, even if it’s only for one year. But at any rate he seems serious about leaving, and so folks in Indy are already ejecting his gear. Take this site, for instance.

Word is that these items are sold out — but can you technically be sold out of something that was free?

We made a couple of updates to the website. Have at it. #byepg13

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Word is that the Clippers are also interested in George — but the Lakers have more cap room and, most importantly, the lion’s share of George’s attention.