Paul George Gruesome Leg Injury: Twitter Reactions From Around The League

  • Zach Berger

In case you missed it, Paul George suffered a horrifying leg injury last night in a meaningless USA exhibition basketball scrimmage. George landed hard on his right leg under the basket and fractured his tibia and fibula before undergoing surgery after the game. He is expected to miss the coming NBA season for the Indiana Pacers according to an ESPN report.

If you have a low tolerance for terribly disgusting injuries, don’t click this link to our story on the incident. There is an audible cracking sound in the broadcast and you see George’s leg collapse reminiscent of Joe Theismann.

Any time something like this happens in professional sports, there’s sure to be a large reaction on the Twitterverse from fans and athletes alike. Here’s a look at some notable Twitter reactions to the injury:

The King has spoken.

We’re not sure why he’s praying for peace, but I guess it can’t hurt.

From the player that will be mentioned every time this happens.

A man of many words.

I’m pretty sure it is, Skip.

Is Adam Silver a robot? If they rebuild George as RoboCop, they’ll be best friends for life!

Preach. Although I admit it was the first thought that cross my mind after the initial shock and horror.

Before we let you go, there’s one more fellow player that’s worth talking about. Shaun Livingston was a promising young point guard before he destroyed just about every ligament in his knee while playing for the Clippers in 2007.

It took him a year and a half to return to the game. He saw his first legitimate and consistent action in years with the Brooklyn Nets this past season and was one of the team’s strongest players, proving that he still has some gas in the tank despite being written off as washed-up after his return from the injury.

Livingston took to Twitter last night with some words of encouragement for George:

We too wish Paul George a speedy recovery and hope to see him doing his thing on the court again soon.