Paul George Puts The 'Did He Sleep With Roy Hibbert's Lady?' Rumors To Rest With Picture Of Fish

  • Eric Goldschein

It’s not news to report that the Pacers are horrible right now, and no one personifies the team more than Roy Hibbert, who had a stunning zero point, zero rebound performance in Game 1 against the Wizards. Here’s some more non-news for you: In the quest to find an answer to the question “Why is Hibbert playing like trash?” people are coming up with all kinds of nasty rumors and theories. Like this one: Paul George slept with Hibbert’s fiancée, and now they hate each other.

The power of the Internet is such that someone need only postulate such an idea for it to gain traction. Before you know it, people are tweeting about it and citing the “report” in other articles and all of a sudden it’s a thing. Well, this is almost definitely not a thing. Here’s proof, via Paul George:

Men who fish together don’t bang each other’s significant others. It is known (?).

So stop with this, people. Roy Hibbert is not playing like garbage because Paul George slept with his wife. The team is not beefing because Paul George slept with Hibbert’s wife. The Pacers’ shitty-ness is the result of other, less tangible factors. We’ll let you know what those are when we figure them out.