Paul George Suffered A Horrifying Leg Injury In a Meaningless USA Basketball Exhibition

  • Eric Goldschein

paul george team usa reacts

WARNING: The content below is extremely graphic and should probably not be viewed by anyone, ever.

During the fourth quarter of tonight’s showcase game between the White and Blue USA Basketball teams, Paul George went up for a block on James Harden and, upon landing, broke his leg in a most horrifying and brutal fashion.

This should be marked NSFL (not suitable for life):

Here are a few lines of text so you don’t have to see the GIF replay if you don’t want to. George’s leg was put in an air cast and he was eventually taken to a Las Vegas hospital. The game was called, as his teammates had obviously and clearly lost all will to play. The scene was eerily reminiscent of the Kevin Ware leg injury from two years ago.

Here’s the GIF:

This injury is a huge blow to USA Basketball, which considered George a lock for the roster and likely the starting rotation; the Indiana Pacers, who have likely lost their best player for the 2014-15 season; the NBA, which lost a bright star; the international game, which will be missing an electrifying two-way player; and for anyone who likes good, competitive basketball. Just devastating.

The 24-year-old is staying positive, though:

And he’s got support from around the league — here are just a few of the tweets pouring in for him:

We’re not getting this one out of our heads for awhile.

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