Paul Pierce Has Fantastic Game Against The Hawks, Celebrates By Tebowing Twice

  • Eric Goldschein

You can’t escape Tebowing, people. It’s everywhere, all the time — just waiting for the right moment to appear. And, in all honesty, this was the perfect moment for some Tebowing, as Paul Pierce put the Celtics on his shoulders and willed them to a big Game 2 victory. Alright then, go on, Paul Pierce, go on. You deserve it.

The Celtics were the underdogs in this one. Having already lost Game 2 with most of their line-up, Boston was down both Ray Allen (ankle) and Rajon Rondo (inability to stop self from chest bumping referee) and had to face the Hawks shorthanded on the road. It was looking grim for the Celtics, and most pundits picked Atlanta to come away with a 2-0 series lead from this one.

But don’t tell any of that to Paul Pierce. Sir Super Clutch (as I have quickly and perhaps foolishly decided to dub him) went off in this one, scoring 36 points and grabbing 14 boards in a game-high 44 minutes. He was just not going to let his team lose. The fourth quarter, in particular, was hero-mode time. He went off and helped the Celtics to a 87-80 win.

So how do you celebrate being the man and helping your underdog squad win an important game? Why, you do some Tebowing, of course! And if once is good, twice is better.

Usually I would have to call shenanigans on this, and rip into Paul Pierce for being about five months late with this one. But as noted above, there is no better time to bust out Tebowing than on a night like tonight. Tebow away, Paul Pierce.