Pelicans Close To Signing Tyreke Evans, And He Would Play On This Floor

  • Rick Chandler

Man, I just had the weirdest dream. New Orleans got an NBA franchise, and named them the Pelicans. They got a new arena, and painted a giant pelican on the floor. Then … ah!

That was enough for Tyreke Evans. He wants to play on that floor!

Examining the details of the floor, however, we see that the Twitter handle is @NBAPelicans. So we assume that Michelle Davis, owner of @Pelicans, was unwilling to sell. Here’s her story, as reported back in February.

Yep. As of nine hours ago, Michelle was still at the helm of @Pelicans. And she was posting photos of her cats.

And the Pelicans NBA team is stuck with this:

I’m usually on the side of the little guy in cases like this. But the owner of @Pelicans is posting pictures of her cats, and talking about a vacation to Cape Canaveral. You’ve got no game, Michelle — this puts me squarely on the side of the large corporate NBA team.

Want to check out season ticket seating locations? (For the NBA team, not Michelle’s place). Check out their 3D arena tour.