Phil Jackson Talks With Leno About How The Lakers Chose Mike D’Antoni Over Him (VIDEO)

  • Jake O'Donnell

It’s funny how men’s professional sports sometimes resembles an eighth grade girl’s slumber party. The whole he-said-she-said-don’t-invite-her-please-be-my-friend-thing. The Lakers obviously wanted Phil Jackson to coach their team, but they went with terrible basketball coach horrible basketball coach Mike D’Antoni instead. Phil admittedly wanted to coach the Lakers this season, but decided to quit last year because he felt like it. So why didn’t they bring him back?

Sometimes from an layperson’s perspective, it appears as if there’s something we’re missing. Some bit of information that would clarify why, after all his success and intrest in coaching the Los Angeles Lakers, he isn’t there right now. Some complicated basketball/business reality that we’re not privy to, that explains the whole situation.

We hope that these things aren’t just about hurt feelings and girlfriends and egos. After Phil spoke on The Tonight Show, it would appear that, well, that’s all these things ever are. When Mitch Kupchek told Phil they went with Mike D’Antoni over him because they thought “he’s the best coach for this group,” it becomes clear just how much smoke these adults blow up each other’s asses.

The Lakers picked Mike because they wanted to return the favor to Jackson who’se jumped ship twice in his tenure with the team — plain and simple.

H/T Laker Nation