Shocking News: Phil Jackson Wants To Return To The NBA

  • Matt Rudnitsky

The white-haired, insane, hidden-dicked Brett Favre of the NBA, Phil Jackson likes to retire and unretire and talk and tweet and unretire again and again and piss us off. But he is the most successful NBA coach of all time, so we must put up with it. To his credit, he didn’t close the door on a return when he *last* retired in 2011, but still.

Hopefully this won’t be drawn out in Favreian fashion, but Jackson is reportedly “itching” to get back in the NBA.

After nearly two seasons in retirement, Phil Jackson has become increasingly interested in working in the NBA next season, according to sources familiar with his thinking.

I wasn’t aware anyone was familiar with Phil Jackson’s thinking. Who could that person be? Kobe? Jeanie Buss? His weed dealer?

Sources stressed that there is no specific opportunity in play yet for Jackson, who resisted coaching overtures from the Brooklyn Nets earlier this season and told longtime confidant Charley Rosen in January in a story that he “has no intention of ever coaching again.”

But NBA coaching sources say that stance will not dissuade teams with openings from approaching Jackson this offseason to gauge his interest, with the Nets and Cleveland Cavaliers — who interviewed Jackson in 2005 and are known to be contemplating a coaching change — potentially at the top of the list.

But what does he want to do? What do the sourcey sources say?

What has Jackson really intrigued, sources say, is the opportunity to oversee an organization in the Godfather patriarchal style of Pat Riley with the Miami Heat or in a role similar to that previously held by Larry Bird with the Indiana Pacers.

A return to the Lakers is reportedly highly unlikely, but Phil Jackson is reportedly highly unlikely. We hope to see a cryptic tweet that offers us a clue, soon. Follow the man on Twitter.


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