Phil Jackson Was Supposed To Be The Keynote Speaker At A Conference…But He Cancelled

  • Dylan Murphy

The Los Angeles Lakers don’t have a head coach anymore, and rumors are swirling that any number of coaches could be the next head guy in L.A. Many have put their money on Phil Jackson. In other, completely unrelated news, Phil Jackson just cancelled a speaking engagement where he was the keynote speaker for 3,000 people.

Via Financial Advisor Magazine:

“In a last-minute development, actor Alan Alda will replace famed basketball coach Phil Jackson as the keynote speaker on the closing day of the annual Schwab Advisor Services IMPACT conference in Chicago next week, according to Bernie Clark, executive vice president, national sales manager of Schwab Advisor Services.”

We know what you’re thinking. He’s NOT flying to L.A. instead. But even if he is, it’s probably to visit Lamar Odom and give him a book.

Don’t believe us? We promise: It’s NOT because of the Lakers head coaching vacancy. It’s NOT because of that. NOT. NO.

[Financial Advisor Magazine, via The Big Lead]