Pick These Guys Up Off Your Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire This Week

Like with real NBA teams, we’re deep enough into the season for your fantasy basketball squad to have crafted an identity – although pinpointing its specific ipseity can be a tad vexing. Many – OK, all – of us harbor preconceived notions about our team. We know it’s strong in certain areas because that’s how we drafted it. Specious logic? Absolutely. Doesn’t stop it from existing as the prevailing thought process among most Fantasy players. Why bother looking at the actual totals when wallowing in self-delusion is such a simpler alternative? Turns out having Chris Paul doesn’t automatically make you awesome at assists. If Jamal Crawford, DeMar DeRozan and J.J. Redick make up the crux of your remaining guards, all you’ve done is zero-summed the category. I beg you, go take a quick peek at the numbers.

Now that you’ve been suitably taken aback, there’s no more time for truancy. Try a new, proactive approach: Raid the waiver wire and plunder its robust bounty. To give you a head start, here are some available, quick fix, stat-specific options. Photos via Getty: