Players-Only Meetings Might Work In The NBA, After All

  • Dylan Murphy

Players hold players-only meetings sometimes to kickstart a franchise back into relevance. It’s supposed to be inflective, coach-less, a time for honest self-reflection and an airing of grievances. Accountability, first and foremost, growth through shared responsibility. It’s a nice ploy, at least from the outside, the appearance of leadership and dedication to the craft. But rarely does anything seem to come off it, other than a few puff pieces on shedding failure and looking ahead to bigger and better things.

Because only under-performing and/or unmotivated teams hold players-only meetings, or at least publicly declare that intention. And it’s hard to track the results of such meetings because establishing causality between cookie cutter words and victories is an inherently flawed experiment. Still, the folks at HoopsHype decided to wade through the annals of players-only-meeting history since 2010 and see if they could, at the very least, determine some sort of correlation between the fabled players-only meeting and improved on-court performance. And they did, and it’s positive – a 14% to bump in wins in the following 10 games.

See the below chart, a part of which is pasted below. For the entire thing, head over to HoopsHype.

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