Racist Or Not Racist? Jeremy Lin Hits A 3, And CSN Cuts To Crowd Shot Of Asian Fans

  • Rick Chandler

HOMER SIMPSON: “Stupid TV! Be less racist!” (Kicks TV).

OK, we get it: Jeremy Lin is an NBA player of Taiwanese descent. We endured a lengthy season of Linsanity, which cost us millions of dollars and hundreds of lives, to establish the uniqueness of that. Can we now just focus on his relevance to the game?

According to NBC/CSN, apparently not.

Anyway, Lin with 8-10 from behind the arc, 31 points, 10 assists as the Rockets and Sixers are going into overtime. We’ll update with a final.

UPDATE: Lin hit nine 3s, a Wells Fargo Center record, to finish with 34 points and 12 assists. But the 76ers won in overtime, 123-117. James Anderson led all scorers with 36 points.