Rajon Rondo Managed to Get Himself Ejected For Bumping A Referee

  • CJ Fogler

After a loose ball scrum resulted in a foul on the Celtics, rather than a jump ball, Rajon Rondo lost it – and got himself ejected.

In a 4 point game with about 45 seconds left, Kevin Garnett dove for a loose ball and touched off a wrestling match for the ball between Josh Smith and Brandon Bass. After the ball finally came sailing out, referee Mark Davis blew his whistle and called a foul on Bass. Rondo was apoplectic that a jump ball wasn’t called. It looked as if Davis was merely going to go with his original foul and let Rondo get away with a little tantrum, but then Rondo went one step too far:

So Rondo gets ejected with less than a minute to go, and according to NBA rules may be suspended one more game for contact with an official, depending on whether the NBA considers it intentional. After the game, he claimed to reporters that it was not intentional. As brilliant as Rondo can be on the court, this sort of decision will likely have Danny Ainge shaking his head again.